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El Pintor Agave Spirits - Saturday, November 17th | 5-7pm

El Pintor Agave Spirits - Saturday, November 17th | 5-7pm

Free Agave Tasting - RSVP Now!

A craft sipping tequila and mezcal, hand blended by certified Master Tequilero Guillermo Barroso Arnaud. A Master Tequilero is to agave spirits what a Master Sommelier is to wine with the additional depth of expertise in distillation, chemistry, and blending in order to create a spirit. There are currently only nine Master Tequileros in the world. Every step in the production process is deliberate in order to ensure balance in these Tequila and Mezcal blends.

Tequila Joven: 41% ABV ~ Single Estate Highland Agave
*Single Estate Highland Agave, twice copper pot distilled, and blended with a 3-4yr extra añejo from ex-bourbon barrels.
*A light Crystalline filtration system is used to keep as much of the terroir and organoleptic properties as possible.
*No diffusers, no added sugar, single estate agave only, and a very meticulous distillation process. 
*The characteristics of both the blanco and the extra añejo are present and recognizable on the palate. 

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, sherry, oak at the front of palate, green tea and d’anjou pear on the finish with nice acidity. Blanco notes of fresh agave in tandem with the rich barrel qualities of the extra añejo.
750 ml - $99.99 | *SALE PRICE $89.99

Mezcal Ensamble: 41% ABV ~ Yautepec, Oaxaca- 55% Espadín & 45% Cuixe
*Wild 15yr old Cuixe (Karawinskii) and cultivated Espadín from a single estate.
*Cuixe can be very bold on its own- blended with Espadín for a balance of flavor, texture, and funk. 
*Cooked, fermented, and distilled separately for optimal flavor and consistency.
*15-day wild fermentation, twice copper pot distilled, rested for 5 days in stainless steel, then the two varietals are blended & bottled.

Tasting Notes: Complex, long lingering notes of grilled pineapple, sea salt, wet soil, lime, and almonds. A wintergreen nose with an edge of bitter nuttiness. The perfect marriage of wild and cultivated agave.
750 ml - $114.99 | *SALE PRICE $103.49

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