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Lagunitas Brewing - Thursday, November 15th | 5-7pm

Lagunitas Brewing - Thursday, November 15th | 5-7pm

Free Beer Tasting - RSVP Now!

Lagunitas Brewing Company has been at the forefront of the craft brewing movement in the U.S. since 1993. They have Helped to define a Northern California style of beer making with their now ubiquitous IPA and a giving zero fucks attitude about their controversial associations with cannabis, pardon our French.

Lagunitas Sparkling Hop Water (not beer) - 4pk $6.99/single bottle $1.99 | *sale price $6.29/$1.79

Lagunitas Sumpin' Easy -A heavily hopped but low bitterness wheat pale ale - 4pk 19 oz cans $9.99/Single can $2.99 | *sale price $8.99/$2.69

Lagunitas Passion Grass - 4.6% ABV - A Joint Session with Short's Brewing of Bellaire, MI, this West by Midwest Ale is brewed with passionfruit and lemongrass - 6pk bottles $13.99 | *sale price $12.59

Lagunitas Sparkling Swan - Tart and bubbly grape ale - This sparkling beer-wine hybrid is something to toast to... brewed with red wine grapes and super bubbly like champagne, but with a gentle kiss of hops and a light malt backbone like a beer. It's a purple people pleaser, perfect for any celebration. Subject to availability.

*Select products 10% off during tastings

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