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Meet Bryan Brick - Free Wine Tasting - Wednesday, October 24th | 5-7 pm

Meet Bryan Brick - Free Wine Tasting - Wednesday, October 24th | 5-7 pm


We are excited to introduce you to our new wine buyer, Bryan Brick. A veteran of the retail wine industry, Bryan brings nearly 20 years of experience to the cellar at Maison Corbeaux. He has a punk rock attitude when it comes to wine buying stating "Buy wines that don't suck and listen to your customers and make them happy" when asked what his wine buying philosophy was. He doesn't rely on critics to guide his choices or any of the hype or marketing bs that floods the industry with noise, rather, he trusts his palate and those of his customers and seeks out unique and delicious wines at incredible value.

Bryan will be pouring three wines that he has curated from a few incredible close-out deals from his favorite vendors. These are beautiful wines that we are able to pass along great prices to you because he's put in the extra work to sort through the muck to find the gems!

Sometimes wineries switch distributors and in that case, the stock at the old distributor becomes heavily discounted, even though nothing has changed about the quality or actual value of the wine. All 3 wines featured are from a batch of closeouts we purchased from a local distributor who lost this portfolio of wines to another distributor. The good news is they had to get rid of them and you win due to the discounted pricing! 

2013 Paitin "Serraboella" Barbaresco - $29.99 ($45 Elsewhere)

2013 Bongiovanni Barolo - $49.99 ($60 elsewhere)

2009 Cambon La Pelouse Haut-Medoc - $19.99 ($30 elsewhere)


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