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Rhum with Antoine Nixon - Saturday, December 1st | 3-5pm

Rhum with Antoine Nixon - Saturday, December 1st | 3-5pm

Free Rhum Tasting - RSVP Now!

Rhum with an "h"? Yes, you are reading that correctly. Rhum is the way the French spell rum, and rum coming from French Carribean islands isn't special just because of the "h". French Caribbean agricole rhum producers have always borrowed from their French distilling cousins in the Cognac region of France. That's why you'll see these rhums labeled as VS, VSOP, and XO. Not only are these sugar cane distillers using traditional brandy labeling, they are also, by law, required to make their rhum in a very strict and quality-ensuring way, much like the rules governing the production of Cognac, Armagnac, and Calvados in France.

Agricole rhum is distilled from freshly pressed sugarcane juice, unlike rum, which is distilled from molasses, a byproduct of the sugar industry. This fresh juice imparts a much brighter, fresh, green, pungent aroma and flavor that really sets agricole rhum apart from its rum and ron siblings.

Join us and local rhum aficionado, Antoine Nixon, to taste some fine examples of this unique style of rum!

Clémènt Rhum - Mahina Coco - Martinique
A bright, creamy, French Caribbean coconut indulgence, Mahina Coco is crafted with luscious pieces of young coconut soused with Rhum Agricole, which brings a soft and sweet roundness of the tropics. Try Mahina Coco simply over ice, with pineapple juice, or in exotic island cocktails and batidas.
750 ml - $24.99 | SALE PRICE $22.49

St. Lucia Distillers - Chairman’s Reserve Single Batch - Master’s Selection - Martin Cate
Released in Limited Quantities, The Chairman’s Reserve Master’s Selection Series are unique rums deconstructed from the award-winning original blend that Chairman’s Reserve is known for. This is a traditional Saint Lucian single batch rum from the small John Dore pot still installed at Saint Lucia Distillers in 1998. This cask-strength rum was hand-selected by rum and Tiki expert, Martin Cate, and has aged six years in a single charred Bourbon cask.
750 ml - $59.99 | SALE PRICE $53.99

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