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Seven Stills Whiskey Tasting & Butchery Demo by Avedano's - Friday, November 16th

Seven Stills Whiskey Tasting & Butchery Demo by Avedano's - Friday, November 16th

Free Whiskey Tasting | 5-7 pm RSVP Now!

Free Butchery Demo | 5:30-6:30 pm RSVP Now!

Whiskey and pig? Hell. Yes. Join us for our first event collaboration with our in-house deli, Avedano's. Zach Cowee will be teaching this class and breaking down half a hog from Rancho Llano Seco. The pork will be sold auction style as it's cut at a 10% discount. Meanwhile, the whiskey will be flowing from Seven Stills.

Seven Stills Distillery - San Francisco, California
Seven Stills is leading the craft beer inspired whiskey movement. Traditionally, whiskeys are distilled from a low quality "beer" something not fit for enjoyment drinking on its own. Seven Stills distills high quality, finished, craft beers resulting in whiskeys with innovative and surprising flavor profiles.

The Core Series: The Core Series is built from Seven Stills in-house beer recipes. True to their name, their mission is to make seven spectacular whiskeys for each of the original seven hills of San Francisco. Each bottle is designed by a different local street artist. These whiskeys include: Chocasmoke, Fluxuate (Rincon Hill), and Czar (Russian Hill). 

Collaboration Series: These are collaborations with other breweries and distilleries. These beers are either brewed at Seven Stills by visiting brewers or at the partner brewery then trucked to us to distill. We produce four collaboration bottles per year. Each bottle is also designed by a local street artist. 

Darkstar November (w/Bottle Logic Brewing) - This is a one-time limited release collaboration
Darkstar November is our newest collaboration with Bottle Logic Brewing Company. We brewed Darkstar November, an imperial stout with rye and molasses, and distilled the beer at Seven Stills. The whiskey was then barrel-aged in New American Oak and is bottled at 94 proof. 
375 ml - $38.99 | *SALE PRICE $35.09 

Distilled from a chocolate oatmeal stout, Chocasmoke is true to its roots as a beer with dark roasted malty flavors balanced by honey and vanilla from the oak and finishing with a touch of peat smoked malt.
!NEW SIZE! 750 ml - $55.99 | *SALE PRICE $50.39 

Honeydew Harvest (w/Track7 Brewing)
Honeydew Harvest was a project with Sacramento's Track7 Brewing that was worked on for a little over a year. It yielded what is now many of the Seven Stills staff's personal favorite beer, a kettle sour with tart acidity up front and light grain on the back. The honeydew itself, being a pretty delicate fruit, doesn't "explode" with melon flavor, but rather, imparts subtle roundness and floral notes.

From that beer came this whiskey, which has been aging in new American oak all summer. The result is an expression as smooth as their last fruitful distillation -- Citracot -- though not as fruit-forward, owing to the subtlety of honeydew melon. This is a nuanced and complex whiskey with great flavor and balance.
!NEW SIZE! 750 ml - $55.99 | *SALE PRICE $50.39 

*Select bottles 10% off during tasting


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