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Subtle Spirits Chairman's Reserve Single Barrel Rum 'The Tempest'


Subtle Spirits Chairman's Reserve Single Barrel Rum The Tempest

The color is so beautifully dark for such a young age, likely from the finishing in fresh ex-bourbon casks. The initial aromas I get from smelling this rum remind me of the mixed dried tropical fruits sold on the side of the road in Hawaii or the Caribbean. Dried papaya, guava, and mango are my first impressions, then I get some sort of tropical melon-like flavor that I can’t quite put my finger on, slight wafts of coconut, lots of cane syrup, and a slight ester-y funk that gently reminds me of very ripened fruit. The palate is deceivingly smooth for 62.7% abv. It gives you a warming and comforting hug, similar to Robitussin, that could clear any ailment a sailor should encounter on the tempestuously cold seas. Lots of brown sugar, cooked cane juice, and passion fruit syrup flavors strike on the palate, but this rum does not come off as sweet. Instead, it arrives balanced with hints of nutmeg, tropical flowers, and Tahitian vanilla bean to complement its fruity flavors. It’s great on its own, but I think it would make a great hot toddy complimented by a cinnamon stick and lime wheel. I’d venture to say it would pair better with a cigar than most whiskey but I don’t mean those as fighting words. Whether you are a long-time rum aficionado or a greenhorn without your sea legs, there is something in this rum for you. It is especially approachable to a bourbon drinker in the same way that some Foursquares rums or L’Encantada brandies are. Its appealing sensibility calls to you like a siren to Odysseus, luring you ashore for just one more sip. Read more at Subtle Spirits.