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2017 Petra "Zingari" Toscana IGT

Sold out

The 2017 Petra “Zingari” Toscana is an odd blend of equal parts Sangiovese, Merlot, Syrah and Petit Verdot but there is nothing odd about the wine. With a fresh, rounded nose of fresh cherries topped with vanilla bean whipped cream and a hint of underlying pipe tobacco this wine shows a little bit of all four varietals it is made from. Juicy and soft on entry this goes down easy and dangerously fast with enough body and back end tannic pinning to stand up to bigger, beefier dishes but enough fruit and ingrained spice to drink as a cocktail wine. Bottom line this is crowd pleasing stuff and a ton of wine for the price tag. I mean even Wine Spectator thought so rating it 93 points and #23 on their Top 100 of 2020 list. Think of it like that favorite clothing item you found on-sale, or at a thrift store, that you paid a handful of dollars for that has repaid you many times over. (Bryan Brick, Maison Corbeaux)