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Springbank 15

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The Perfect Storm. And a Great Way to Weather It. ?í´íë_

Dark and brooding like a gathering of thunderclouds, yet decadent as chewy toffee dripping with chocolate and comforting as a cozy fire after a food-coma inducing wintery feast.

A simple but remarkably powerful tool to create virtually any tab structure you like. Give it a try!

If you like:?í´íë_(sherry oak highlands)

Where in your whiskeyí«ŒÇ?íëíì cabinet:?í´íë_A top shelf whiskey that will always class up your collection. Keep it front and center. Share with closest friends and maybe a sip or two for a select few business associates you wish to impress.?í´íë_

Secret Sauce: Distilled two and half times, Campbeltown barley, traditional?í´íë_process that is 100% controlled onsite, never chilled

Family: Springbank, Longrow, Hazelburn

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The experience:

First kiss like sugary chocolate.

Creamy vanilla on the tongue.

Finishes with a deep texture of sherry oak