Fireside Sipping Brews


Maybe you have the image of a brandy snifter with some tasty Cognac in it as you warm up by the fireplace for your holidays, our resident beer geek has an alternative vision in mind for you that are just as suitable! These beers are just as high in alcohol to warm you up on a cold winter's night as they are in flavor.  

Each package consists of 1 bottle of each:

  • Jackie O's & Creature Comfort's Athens to Athens Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine: One of the most balanced representations of both a smoked beer and English style Barleywine! Very restrained on the smoke and sweetness while still delivering all the complexity you would hope to find in a barrel aged beer.
  • To Øl's Jule Maelk Rhum Edition: This is one of the most massive milk stouts ever brewed, which also is one of far too few beers to see any kind of R(h)um influence. Milk chocolatey, roasty, and smoky from the base beer along with a nice subtle fruitiness from the rhum cask chips!
  • Avery Brewing's Tweak: It's hard to wrap my head around how incredible this is considering it very clearly is attempting to be one of the most extreme beers out there. You'll know right away this has *a lot* of coffee in it and that it spent considerable time in very wet bourbon barrels. Coffee, whiskey, and beer in one bottle? All our wildest dreams must be coming true!

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