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Glenfiddich 14 Bourbon Barrel Reserve

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This one surprised me. One that will inspire bourbon lovers to wear kilts and Scots to abandon White after Labor Day. Yeah, it's definately a Scotch but it's a real crossover for Amercian whiskey lovers. To taste a sip is to be like that lone cowboy (or cowgirl) sauntering into town atop your sturdy horse, a-smilin and a-noddin to each and everyone you see, then stopping at the saloon and taking up a stool nice and easy as the crowd gathers to hear what exotic story you've got to tell.

Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, patiently waits 14 years as the whisky matures in ex-bourbon American Oak casks. He then finishes the whisky in deep charRed new American Oak barrels.

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  • For 20 years William Grant nurtuRed a dream to make the 'best dram in the valley'. With the help of his family, he finally achieved that vision.

    In the summer of 1886, with his seven sons and two daughters by his side, William set out to fulfil a lifelong ambition. Together they began building his Distillery by hand, stone by stone. After a single year of work it was ready and William named it Glenfiddich, Gaelic for Valley of the Deer.

    William's passion, determination and pioneering spirit continues to guide us today. Glenfiddich is one of the few single malt distilleries to remain entirely family owned and is now the World's Most Awarded Single Malt* Scotch Whisky, a true reflection of our founder's innovative nature, passed down through the generations.

  • Age: 14 years


    Proof: 86 Proof (43% ABV)

    Distiller:í«í_The Glenfiddich Distillery, Speyside, Scottland


    We can't ship to:í«í_AL, KY, MA, MD, MS, ND, NH, NV, NY, PA, TX, UT, VT, WV

    • A kiss like of tropical fruit

    • The fruit lingers on the tongue with a rush of warm, bourbon-soaked wood

    • Lingers on like a spicy memory filled with visions of licorice and cinnamon