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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye Whisky

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A big, bold rye that does not overpower. This historic creation marries the smoothness of Jack Danielí_í_Œés with a unique 70% rye grain bill.

Just one out of every 100 barrels is chosen as a Jack Danielí_í_Œés Single Barrel and set aside to mature in the highest reaches of the barrelhouses, where dramatic temperature changes cause the color and taste to deepen further. Each barrel is hand-selected for its one-of-a-kind flavor, robust taste, and notes of toasted oak, vanilla, and caramel. Ití_í_Œés not easy making a whiskey like Single Barrel. But easy never interested Jack in the first place.

Limited Supply

  • It all started in 1864 with Jasper Newton Daniel, more commonly known as Jack, introducing the world to Old No. 7, his signature charcoal-mellowed Tennessee.

    Jack Danielí_í_Œés?͌å, the worldí_í_Œés best selling whiskey, comes from North Americaí_í_Œés oldest registered distillery, the Jack Daniel Distillery. The Distillery, founded in 1866 by Mr. Jack Daniel in Lynchburg (pop. 361), Tennessee, is one of the most well-known producers of whiskey in the world. Jack Danielí_í_Œés Tennessee Whiskey is made with the finest corn, rye and barley malt. Its distinctive character is a result of natural fermentation, careful distillation, and use of the Distilleryí_í_Œés iron-free water from the Cave Spring that runs at a constant 56?Íí? F.

  • Age: NA


    Proof: 94 (47% ABV)

    Distiller:?Íí_ Jack Daniel Disillery, Moore County, Tennessee

    Family:?Íí_Jack Daniel's whiskeys, cider, and country cocktails

    Not available in:?Íí_AL, KY, MA, MD, MS, ND, NH, NV, NY, PA, TX, UT, VT, WV

    • A ripe fruit kiss

    • Rich spices on the tongue

    • Finishes pleasant like kicking back in the ol rocking chair on hot summer afternoon