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Smooth Ambler Old Scout Single Barrel Subtle Spirits Selection

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Subtle Spirits Private Barrel 


5 years 10 Months      |      59.3% ABV   

This barrel was selected in October of 2019. I’m usually pretty superstitious about bottling casks in the winter, and I liked the idea of a little extra age to the bourbon while I watched the reception to the rest of the barrels rolled out to market. The intent was to age it until spring, then COVID-19 happened. Throw in a few local distributor mistakes and we had an updated arrival date to the beginning of November.  

The decision to title this one Harmony came about while the Presidential election was taking place. 2020 has already been a tumultuous year, difficult for many people no matter which side of the aisle they find themselves. As I found myself thinking about it all, I reflected back on all the people I’ve met through whiskey. Many whom I imagine, have different viewpoints on issues than I do. I wondered how many of these people I would have become friends with if it weren’t for the whiskey. The Yin Yang symbol was the perfect symbol to represent this human nature and how we all have a little bit of light and dark in each of us. But no issue in this world is black or white, and it is the balance of the two, in the grey where we find harmony. 

The nose is bright and aromatic with high toned aromas of orange Dreamsicle, honeycomb, kettle corn, and honeysuckle complemented by light savory notes of vanilla bean, wood spice, and kola and brazil nuts. The palate is layered with spices and savory notes of oak and blond tobacco with a dry spicy finish. Great on its own, and smooth for the proof, I’ve been playing around with Bourbon Walnut Old Fashioned cocktails with this whiskey and the results have been seasonally appropriate as well as delicious.