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Subtle Spirits 'Spicy Bastard' Charbay 3yr Port Cask

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Subtle Spirits 'Spicy Bastard'

Limited to just 240 bottles, this single barrel malt whisky was distilled from hopped beer sourced from a Sonoma County, California brewery. It was distilled on a traditional Cognac Charentais style potstill before entering into a reused French oak barrel that previously held California Port wine. It was aged for nearly three years before being bottled unfiltered at cask strength, faithfully preserving the contents of this exceptional barrel.

As soon as this hits your glass, you’ll know: this is a Spicy Bastard! Unlike most of Charbay’s whiskies, the hop profile is muted and is a supporting actor in this whisky’s ensemble cast. It is not shy with a bottling proof just under 144°.

This thing is like a bone-in, perfectly marbled cowboy cut of prime beef. The color pours a beautiful golden hue, darker than you’d expect for a whisky of this age. Immediately it shows aromas of honey, allspice, and malt; while nutmeg, and clove emerge with just a twist of the glass. It punches you in the face and leaves you wanting more. The palate is where that portwood influence begins to shine, and the spice flavors are complemented by sweeter dark caramel and milk chocolate. Baking spices rush back for an encore performance in the finish. 

Original Artwork by Monty Guy
Liquid Art by Marko Karakasevic, Charbay Distillery

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