Larceny Straight Bourbon



Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon has its origins in the long and colorful history of John E. Fitzgerald and the Old Fitzgerald brand. According to lore, John E. Fitzgerald built a distillery on the banks of the Kentucky River in the 1870s and sold his fine Bourbon to rail lines, steamships, and private clubs. The Old Fitzgerald brand was first registeRed in the 1880s by S.C. Herbst, and was eventually sold to Julian P. 'Pappy' Van Winkle during Prohibition. Pappy moved production of Old Fitz to his distillery where it became the first great wheated Bourbon and eventually one of the most famous Bourbon brands in the world.

Limited Supply

  • Heaven Hill Distillery is the largest independent, family owned and operated producer and marketer of distilled spirits in the United States. Founded by the Shapira family in 1934, Heaven Hill is the only distillery that is currently producing and aging all styles of American whiskey - Bourbon, rye, corn and wheat whiskeys. Their knowledge and expertise in the industry has allowed them to launch many award-winning brands including Evan Williams, Elijah Craig and Parker's Heritage Collection. And now, Larceny.

    John E. Fitzgerald

    Mr. Fitzgerald apparently had a particularly discerning palate for fine Bourbon, and would use his rickhouse keys to gain access to the best barrels, which eventually became known around the distillery as 'Fitzgerald barrels'. Herbst, and then Pappy, immortalized the man who had both the keys and the fine taste by naming the brand Old Fitzgerald.

    Now Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon honors both the superb taste of this lawless treasury agent and the legacy of the Old Fitzgerald brand.

  • Age: 6 years


    Proof: 92 (46% ABV)

    Distiller:í«í_Heaven Hill Distillery, Nelson County, Kentucky

    Family:í«í_Elijah Craig, Larceny, Evan Williams, Parker's Heritage, Henry McKenna, Bernheim, Pikesivlle, Rittenhouse

    We can't ship to:í«í_AL, KY, MA, MD, MS, ND, NH, NV, NY, PA, TX, UT, VT, WV

    • Wraps its arms around you like the smell of warm bread in the morning
    • Buttery caramel on the tongue
    • Sweet and savory finish

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