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Highland Park 12 Year Single Malt Scotch

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Highland Park 12 reflects the unique culture of its remote island home here Orkney. Part of Scotland yes, but originally belonging to a vast Viking kingdom. Highland Park honors the spirit of its Viking ancestors, sharing their pride, integrity and fierce independence, and distill an award-winning whisky to the same exacting standards introduced in 1798 by founder, Magnus Eunson, a descendant of those early Viking settlers.

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  • Unquestionably remote, the fiercely independent Orkney Islands once sat at the crossroads between powerful Nordic and Scottish cultures and were ruled by the Viking Kings of Norway and Denmark. Highland Park carries on the Viking traditions with a whiskey that, like its island and its people, stands apart.

    Once a Viking, Always a Viking

    Highland Park founder, Magnus Eunson, was a direct Viking descendant. A butcher and church officer by day, and a smuggler by night, he set up his illicit still at a little bothy at High Park, overlooking Kirkwall íë_íë_’± still the site of Highland Park today. We say that our distillery was founded in 1798 íë_íë_’± but in truth, that's just the year that the authorities finally caught up with Magnus íë_íë_’± whisky was certainly being produced here before that! With the exception of the smuggling operation, very little has changed in those intervening years. We stay true to the exacting standards of whisky making our founder introduced, and share his bold and uncompromising approach. In fact, you could say we're a whisky crafted in the old way by a new generation of Vikings.

  • Age: 12 years


    Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

    Distiller:?í´íë_Highland Park, Islands, Scotland

    Family:?í´íë_Highland Park

    We can't ship to:?í´íë_AL, KY, MA, MD, MS, ND, NH, NV, NY, PA, TX, UT, VT, WV

    • A fresh, clean floral kiss.

    • Sweet, sour, and cream across the tongue.

    • Woody, piney, spicy finish.