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Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon

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Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon is Matured in only the deepest No. 4 "alligator" char, American White Oak barrels handpicked by our master distillers. Individually bottled at 110 proof and non-chill filteRed to guarantee maximum flavor, each barrel has its own unique personality yet still captures our signature rich, creamy toffee and vanilla taste.

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  • We never pour a drop of Wild Turkey until it's aged at least five years and often six or eight or more. Of course, we only have to age it two years to call it a straight bourbon, but we're not big fans of doing the minimum. Even our tin-clad, wooden rickhouses have stood the test of time; they allow maximum interaction between wood and bourbon, and they've been doing it since the 1890s. When we put 'Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey' on our label, it's because our bourbon earned it.

    Master Distillers

    Wild Turkey's very own Jimmy Russell is the longest-tenuRed active master distiller in the world. For over 60 years, he's preserved a tradition that dates back generations. The ultimate craftsman and true ambassador for America's native spirit, he's even known as the Buddha of Bourbon by some. His legendary status is no surprise, considering that he's never waveRed on quality. And while he claims he's just Plain old Jimmy from Kentucky, within the community of bourbon makers, he's often called one more thing: The Master Distiller's Master Distiller.

    Eddie Russell joined Wild Turkey in 1981, and even as the son of Wild Turkey's famed master distiller, he started as a relief operator and worked his way up. He was inducted into the Bourbon Hall of Fame in 2010. In 2011, he created a new expression of Wild Turkey at 81 proof to be a perfect mixing bourbon: Wild Turkey 81. Most recently, he was promoted to master distiller alongside his dad, making Jimmy and Eddie the only active father and son duo of bourbon master distillers in the world.

  • Age: 6+ years

    Size: 750mL

    Proof: 110 (55% ABV)

    Distiller: Wild Turkey Distilling Company, Anderson County, Kentucky

    Family: Wild Turkey and Russell's Reserve whiskeys

    • A bright kiss of candy spice near an intimate campfire

    • Cinnamon and caramel on the tongue

    • A smooth and silky finish with a bit of fire at the tail