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Subtle Spirits Bastard's Blend 'Deconstructed'


Subtle Spirits Bastard's Blend 'Deconstructed'

Before vatting the blend, whiskey was pulled from each of the three marriage casks: #9, #11, and #13. These are available only in 50 mL size as a part of 15 Deconstructed sets. Each Deconstructed set contains a 750 mL bottle of regular Bastard’s Blend and four 50 mL bottles – one from each of the barrels, #9, #11, and #13, along with a 50 mL of Last Fill. Each set is packaged in custom-painted tubes.

Deep aromas of cigar and tobacco leaf and dried stone fruits intermingle with herbs and spices. The balance of sweet and savory works in concert, with the high tones floating above the bass notes. Picture freshly made caramel and burnt sugar, with a hint of vanilla mixed with candied citrus. The palate is very rich and decadent in texture. While this is a bourbon-dominant blend, the rye whiskey controls the conversation on the palate. More herbs; mint, and tarragon, mix with woody notes of cedar and oak. Slightly sweet flavors of dark chocolate-covered peanut butter cup melt with a gentle bitter nocino liqueur, lingering on the palate and leaving you wanting more.

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